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Counterparty Has Reached Its Millionth Transaction On Thursday, the smart contract protocol Counterparty reached its millionth transaction.If Bitcoin did not have the incentivization aspect baked in, it may well have met the same fate as Diaspora.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

But in Satoshis defense Bitcoin was something completely new, and being divisible to a single satoshi does a lot to negate this.Both charge.5 XCP or XDP to register an asset, but.5XDP cost about 500doge to create when doge was 26 satoshis each and.5XCP cost.0005btc each.

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You can also use Bitcoin Core as a very secure Bitcoin wallet.On Thursday, the smart contract protocol Counterparty reached its millionth transaction.Counterparty and Bitcoin Apps Have Fun With Crypto. by:. Bitcoin Magazine Weekly Digest.

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Which shows you how incredibly hard it is to write english text that adequately captures the protocol.Also, stocks are the least interesting thing about Counterparty.I helped run the Bitcoin Magazine website for 2 years, and we quite frequently had outages that we needed to have some techie attend to.That pretty much rules out retail transactions all together, as well as any kind of face to face transaction.I think that just kills the deal for anyone with a common sense.The only thing that scales is multi-chain architecture, which I will be the first to concede Ethereum 1.0 does not provide.

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The industry will be doing its own mining, even at a small loss, to ensure that its transactions get confirmed.

Neither of those apply for a newly-created account, as I described.Colored coins supports a protocol called p2ptrade, which allows two users to exchange colored coin asset A for colored coin asset B via a trust-free atomic swap.

Decentralization would probably have substantially mitigated both of those problems.So a fee-as-spam-protection is not necessary to economize on monitoring costs.For instance, look at how I define what my proposed CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY does.Counterparty asset of the week is the gold-backed crypto asset, HayekGold.

The scalability problem comes when you need one UTXO per holder per color, which uniquely is not the case in CoinSpark.Counterwallet setup for the Tecmap token access forum on the Lets Talk Bitcoin platform. Counterparty, Counterwallet, vennd.As does a system where there will only ever be a finite number of coins and half of them are already gone in four years.The one correct point you made was the one I did not argue in my post.There was no premine or IPO with Counterparty, making it arguably the fairest launch possible for a token on a Bitcoin-based platform.

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As examples of what the platform can do, asked Trevor Altpeter and other members of the Counterparty Foundation to name their favorite projects built.

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Contracts for difference enabling things like insurance and prediction markets, which with enough liquidity enable mirroring portfolios for any stock market in the world (making even decentralized stock markets obsolete), are where the action is.

A makes a TX that sends from M to (99% A, 1% B) with a slightly lower locktime, signs and sends to B, repeat.It is an obstacle, an eyesore on the protocol, a bad idea from the beginning.

As mentioned above, I think that charging monopolistic fees is more harmful to users than the floating token approach.They have advertised themselves as being simultaneously good stores of value due to never expanding past a certain point and being secure transfer media, but the problem is that the security as a transfer medium depends on the supply expansion.

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Although, even then some kind of fee on creating an asset is necessary for anti-DDoS purposes.

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This guide will walk you through the process you need to get your hands on arguably the most promising Bitcoin 2.0 technology.Let me give you an example: You own some asset X in address A.Also, I predict that XCP will eventually adopt a protocol to batch multiple operations into a single transaction, making optimal use of kilobyte-space.

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